Song of The Punjab

As against popular Indian perception, Punjab is a multi-religion community. Where the Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims make their presence felt. And for centuries its vibrance, prosperity and well being has been knitted very intricately within the synergy of these communities.

First the partition in 1947 and then the dark period of 80s dealt a near fatal  blow to its social fabric. And now when it was trying to re-knit itself, songs, ballads and movies eulogizing one particular community  began to be churned out with mindless speed. This in turn lead others to follow suit. This trend ultimately preyed upon the gullible youth of the state. Which certainly was not the intended effect.

And this in my opinion is not at all what the Punjabis want and wish for. This could very easily lead to polarization of an already delicately balanced society which is still recuperating from the twin blows of 1947 and the 1980s.

Its high time to shed caste based prejudices. The need of the hour is to stick together, stand up and work for the prosperity of all. No one individual or group can do this!!

Hope the lyricists and singers of the state take note and come up with songs which enthuse pride and prestige amongst Punjabis !

And i also hope, the wise people of our land become intelligent enough to shun the hogwash of  those who try to mislead.

In this effort famous actor/comedian/lyricst has come up with a song which very elaborately makes a case for my argument above, about the singers who have been portraying only-Devil-knows-what image of Jatt community.

Profound respect for Mr Ghuggi to have come up with it. Let Sanity prevail!!


Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert introduces a perspective to deal with the fear of failure of ones ‘creativity and genius’. She presents forth the idea that you  should not consider yourself to be a genius , rather you should think of it as – whenever you  achieve something exemplary/extraordinary/outrageous,  a genius(someone distant or someone unknown)  manifests in you at that point of time.  So, while you are merely performing your regular  duty the genius in you at that time catapults  your performance to astonishing levels making it exemplary, superb and extraordinary.

In summary, just keep doing what you love – with dedication and devotion without any fear of failure. Leave success and failure for ‘that distant unknown Genius’  to worry about.

The same theme has already been immortalised by Kabir Sahib and is inscribed in Guru Granth Sahib.

                    “Kabeer Maera mujh maein kich nahi

        jo kich hai so tera”

(Kabeer nothing is mine within myself

Whatever there is, is Yours, O Lord! )

Over to you now Ms Elizabeth Gilbert…..

Sher e Punjab – The One and Only

I so desperately want  to be at this place someday( And Salute the Great King. The Maharaja. Ranjit Singh

The man who formed The State of Punjab. Just, Prosperous and Secular Punjab. The Strong and The Valiant Punjab. The Punjab whom even the mighty British(in their own capacity) could not attack leave alone annex. The Punjab, from whom the barbaric plunderers of Somnath  feared. The Punjab which had a system which other rulers wouldnt even let their population dream of.  Apna Punjab. Sada Punjab!!

Alas! We have been unfair. The Land has been unfair. The historians as well. Our books our curriculum. Everyone. All of them are to be blamed. We forgot the man and his legacy. Ha……we forgot the Sikh King  who willed the Koh-i-noor to the Jagannath Temple in Orissa.

Friends, we have to deliver Justice. We have to become the way we were before the British set us apart and then the self centric twisted religious zealots.

We have to become tolerant.We have to become just and we, have to become strong.

Possible hai kya?

Janab, “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart!!”

– Nalayak Rooh

Dil ki Basti

“..dil ki basti bhi ik ajeeb basti hai

jo lootne wale ko tarasti hai !!”

– Allama Muhammad Iqbal

P.S : This is to state that i by no means dare to commit sacrilege by diluting the essence of the work of  great Alama Iqbal. But if at all, in my capacity, i could append this couplet this is how it will be..

“..dil ki basti bhi ik ajeeb basti hai

jo lootne wale ko tarasti hai !!”

sarey zamaney ko bhool, farz mein fana ho jana

ishq karne walon ki hasti

bhi kya ajeeb hasti hai!!

– Nalayak Rooh 

Manish Tewari Janamdin Mubarak!!

Main itna khush naseeb hun ki mere paas shabd nahi hain bhagwan ka shukriya ada karne ko ki mujhe iss jeevan mein tumhari dosti naseeb hui…..main yehi chahunga ki uss parmeshwar ki dya kripa aur rehmat sada tum par bani rahe aur tum yun hi hamesha ki tarah haste raho aur tarakkiyan haasil karo!!

I know above lines would have baffled you a bit. But Manish, as they say “Change for a while is sweet”. So for a change i wanted to be ‘gentlemanly’ to show how much i value you and your friendship.

But in case it doesnt not workout, as a substitute, i have my best wishes neatly packed and pictured in a way which you are more familiar with :).

So, pesh ae khidmat hai ye naacheez nazrana….Meri aur Piyush Sharma ki aur se qabool farmayein!!


“India, sir ye cheez dhurandhar…”

When Police atrocities, exceptionally Corrupt Politicians, Bigot religious fanatics, Mindless youth, Demonic Corporates, Phony Institutions of Investigation and a Hollow democracy seemed to almost erode away my belief in India being a just, equal and free Nation/society, ‘INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION’ has come as a ‘Ram Baan’ (and proved me wrong which i very happily/proudly accept 🙂 ) to emanicipate all unwanted and unwarranted ills ailing India.

Today for the 1st time, i feel that India can be a society which our great thinkers and leaders had envisaged. It can still shape up as that great civilisation of which we have only read about and heard.

My deep gratitude and thanks to the team of IAC for mustering the courage to take on the monster of corruption head on and coming out victorious ( i am not aware of any other govt in the world which could have let protests like these take place).
And most importantly gelling the country and making it realise that there are also a few other things which are a little more important than gossiping and watching cricket !!

Jai Equality & Freedom
Jai Democracy
Jai Hind !!

One Man Two Ideas Battered understanding!!

Wall paintings at a post on Indo Pak Border

It was Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal who had written the Tarana-e-Hind , first published on 16 Aug 1904.

And within a short span of time  there came an ideological shift which usurped its predecessor quite convincingly in the form of  Tarana-e-Milli

Its quite understandable that there would have been some firm conviction which led to this drastic change of  thought.

Whatever that could have been, but it created a set of hostile neighbours totally unmindful of the ideas, aspirations and dreams of its creators.

Had Pak been what it was meant to be, the Indian Sub Continent would have been the place to be in the 21st century.

P.S : But thanks to India and Indians it somewhat still is !!

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