FREEDOM – The most expensive thing in this world!!

Every time people have set out to buy FREEDOM they have had to pay a very heavy price for it, at least most of the times.

And many of them have even paid the ultimate price( viz. death) and yet, ended up never having it!!

But the fortunate ones benefit from the sacrifices of their comrades and earlier generations, to relish the benefits of Freedom (at least for a lifetime if not for generations)!!

Almost every time when a new nation is born or a new regime comes to power or a new government is formed the foundation of its manifesto has been Freedom and Liberty.

But for reasons deciphered or not yet deciphered by the human race these promises tend to fade away with time. Leading to their ouster in the worst of manners and in process paving a way for yet another revolution. Without fail, and every time, something goes amiss in between!! Making it a  vicious cycle of  ‘revolutions’!!

So i feel, as of now, there’s no disputing this Thomas Jefferson quote : “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

Jai ho Baba Jefferson!!

-The Libyan Revolution


“India, sir ye cheez dhurandhar…”

When Police atrocities, exceptionally Corrupt Politicians, Bigot religious fanatics, Mindless youth, Demonic Corporates, Phony Institutions of Investigation and a Hollow democracy seemed to almost erode away my belief in India being a just, equal and free Nation/society, ‘INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION’ has come as a ‘Ram Baan’ (and proved me wrong which i very happily/proudly accept 🙂 ) to emanicipate all unwanted and unwarranted ills ailing India.

Today for the 1st time, i feel that India can be a society which our great thinkers and leaders had envisaged. It can still shape up as that great civilisation of which we have only read about and heard.

My deep gratitude and thanks to the team of IAC for mustering the courage to take on the monster of corruption head on and coming out victorious ( i am not aware of any other govt in the world which could have let protests like these take place).
And most importantly gelling the country and making it realise that there are also a few other things which are a little more important than gossiping and watching cricket !!

Jai Equality & Freedom
Jai Democracy
Jai Hind !!

Tehelka’s views on – Naxals & Maoists

Shoma Chaudhury talks about how India is facing an escalating civil war situation when it comes to the Naxals and the Maoists, on how everything at the heart of it is an issue of justice and the murkiness of politics, industrialisation and “national interest”. She goes on to say, “You have to fight legally and it is only then that people will begin to get alienated from the Maoist movement. We cannot fight this with force. We have to wean away the support base and the only way that we can wean away the support base is if we begin to show that Indian democracy is the better way of life.”