FREEDOM – The most expensive thing in this world!!

Every time people have set out to buy FREEDOM they have had to pay a very heavy price for it, at least most of the times.

And many of them have even paid the ultimate price( viz. death) and yet, ended up never having it!!

But the fortunate ones benefit from the sacrifices of their comrades and earlier generations, to relish the benefits of Freedom (at least for a lifetime if not for generations)!!

Almost every time when a new nation is born or a new regime comes to power or a new government is formed the foundation of its manifesto has been Freedom and Liberty.

But for reasons deciphered or not yet deciphered by the human race these promises tend to fade away with time. Leading to their ouster in the worst of manners and in process paving a way for yet another revolution. Without fail, and every time, something goes amiss in between!! Making it a  vicious cycle of  ‘revolutions’!!

So i feel, as of now, there’s no disputing this Thomas Jefferson quote : “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

Jai ho Baba Jefferson!!

-The Libyan Revolution


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