Song of The Punjab

As against popular Indian perception, Punjab is a multi-religion community. Where the Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims make their presence felt. And for centuries its vibrance, prosperity and well being has been knitted very intricately within the synergy of these communities.

First the partition in 1947 and then the dark period of 80s dealt a near fatal  blow to its social fabric. And now when it was trying to re-knit itself, songs, ballads and movies eulogizing one particular community  began to be churned out with mindless speed. This in turn lead others to follow suit. This trend ultimately preyed upon the gullible youth of the state. Which certainly was not the intended effect.

And this in my opinion is not at all what the Punjabis want and wish for. This could very easily lead to polarization of an already delicately balanced society which is still recuperating from the twin blows of 1947 and the 1980s.

Its high time to shed caste based prejudices. The need of the hour is to stick together, stand up and work for the prosperity of all. No one individual or group can do this!!

Hope the lyricists and singers of the state take note and come up with songs which enthuse pride and prestige amongst Punjabis !

And i also hope, the wise people of our land become intelligent enough to shun the hogwash of  those who try to mislead.

In this effort famous actor/comedian/lyricst has come up with a song which very elaborately makes a case for my argument above, about the singers who have been portraying only-Devil-knows-what image of Jatt community.

Profound respect for Mr Ghuggi to have come up with it. Let Sanity prevail!!


3 thoughts on “Song of The Punjab

  1. avneet October 30, 2011 / 2:39 am

    good one..i too have thoughts on this…will send you soon….

  2. vikram July 16, 2013 / 9:29 am

    Kya baat, sher-e-punjab. Punjab nu vandan waaleyan nu sahi likheya hai…

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